As the OMS reputation for quality management services spread throughout the Southern Highlands area, commercial tenants and business owners approached OMS with a request. They wanted the same high-level service that was being provided to the residential side of Southern Highlands. To accommodate their needs, OMS created a commercial property management services division.

OMS now manages more than 230,000 square feet of commercial property in Las Vegas and services the accounts of more than 80 commercial tenants.

Our Commercial Property Management Services include:

  • Financial Oversight and Monthly Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Timely Receipt of Rents and Receivables
  • Diligent Review of Invoices and Processing of Payments
  • Annual Budget Workshops and Preparation
  • Preparation of Informative and Useful Owner Reports
  • Capital Planning
  • Immediate On-Site Response
  • Vendor Performance Monitoring
  • Collection and Storage of all Certificates of Insurance
  • Tenant Lease Abstract, Summary, and Analysis
  • Annual CAM Reconciliation and Reporting
  • Marketing of Available Space
  • Interview and Assessment of Prospective Tenants and Business Plans
  • Negotiations of Tenant Lease Terms
  • Oversight of Tenant Improvements