Clients have long praised OMS for our professional level of coordination and organization in creating memorable social events for individual communities. Our team can safely and expertly plan, set up, and execute a five-star event for a small group of movie-goers or for thousands of happy residents. At the direction of our clientele, we have planned block parties, movie nights, BBQs, concerts, Memorial Day fireworks, and autumn carnivals.

We have easily managed crowds in excess of 4,000 people with great success. One of our favorite events occurs every Memorial Day. We arrange for an inflatable water world full of amazing attractions for every age group and end the event with a spectacular fireworks display. All the while, we help raise thousands of dollars for the families based at Nellis Air Force Base. Event planning is close to our heart as it is a key to creating neighborhood memories that set Communities apart.

Our Event Planning Services include:

  • Initial Strategy Sessions to Brainstorm Event Themes and Goals
  • Preparation of all Requests for Proposal and Presentation of Sealed Bids for Services
  • Budget Preparation
  • Creative Design of Event Materials and Management of Printing and Delivery
  • Oversight and Coordination of all Sponsors and Vendors
  • Preparation of all Lay-Outs and Schematics for Permitting
  • Permit Application Services and Coordination of Inspections
  • General Management of Event Day Activities